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AIOU Solved Assignment BEd Autumn 2020 - [DigitalSpot]

AIOU B.Ed Autumn 2020 Solved Assignments

Assalam-o-Aliakum! At this page you can get Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad B.Ed Class Solved Assignments of Autumn 2020. You can Download Solved Assignments of Autumn 2020 from the available link at down below.
MsTrick Spot Provides B.A Class Solved Assignments of Autumn 2020 that is Available for Download.

Note: This article is only for educational purpose and we are not responsible for any harm happened to you from AIOU, So, try it on your own risk.

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Below is the list of AIOU B.Ed Subject codes. Here you can simply download.

Last Updated: January 01, 2021
Code Book Name No.1 No.2
5402 Fundamentals of Business Wait Wait
5403 Basics of ICT  (URDU) Wait Wait
5403 Basics of ICT  (ENGLISH) Wait Wait
5404 Compulsory English – I Wait Wait
5411 English – II Wait Wait
5413 Mercantile Law Wait Wait
5417 Auditing Wait Wait
5419 Advance Accounting Wait Wait
5438 Pakistan Studies (ODL) Wait Wait
5445 Business Taxation Wait Wait
6400 Business Taxation View/Download View/Download
6401 General Mathematics & Statistics View/Download View/Download
6402 Educational Psychology & Guidance Wait Wait
6403 Classroom Management Wait Wait
6404 General Science View/Download View/Download
6405 Education in Pakistan View/Download View/Download
6406 Foundation of Education View/Download View/Download
6407 Classroom Assessment View/Download View/Download
6408 Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak Studies Wait Wait
6409 Teaching of Math View/Download View/Download
6410 Arts Craft & Calligraphy Wait Wait
6411 Foundations of Education Wait Wait
6412 School Society & Teacher View/Download View/Download
6413 Introduction to Inclusive Education Wait Wait
6414 Teaching of General Science Wait Wait
6442 Physic-II View/Download View/Download
6451 Biology-I View/Download View/Download
6452 Biology-II View/Download View/Download
6453 Biology-III Wait Wait
6454 Biology-IV View/Download View/Download
6456 Chemistry-I View/Download View/Download
6457 Chemistry-II View/Download View/Download
6458 Chemistry-III View/Download View/Download
6461 Educational Research and Statistics View/Download Wait
6462 Test Development and Evaluation Wait Wait
6465 English-II View/Download View/Download
6466 Comparative Education View/Download View/Download
6468 English-I Wait Wait
6469 English-II (Content Major) Wait Wait
6470 English-III Wait Wait
6473 Islamic Studies-I Wait Wait
6475 Islamic Studies III View/Download View/Download
6476 Islamic Studies-IV (Content Major) View/Download View/Download
6477 Islamic Studies-V (Content Major) View/Download View/Download
6478 Urdu Adab Ki Tareekh Wait Wait
6479 Asnaf Nazm-o-Nasr Urdu View/Download View/Download
6480 Urdu Ka Shahiry Adab Wait Wait
6481 Urdu-IV (Content Major) View/Download View/Download
6482 Urdu-V (Content Major) View/Download View/Download
6488 Pakistan Studies-I (Content Major) Wait Wait
6490 Political & Constitutional Evaluation of Pakistan Wait Wait
6493 Teaching of English Wait Wait
6494 Pedagogy-Teaching of Urdu View/Download View/Download
8601 General Methods of Teaching View/Download View/Download
8602 Educational Assessment View/Download View/Download
8603 Curriculum Development View/Download View/Download
8604 Research Method in Education View/Download View/Download
8605 Educational Leadership View/Download View/Download
8606 Citizenship Education and Community View/Download View/Download
8607 English Citizenship Education and Community Available Wait
8607 Urdu Citizenship Education and Community Available Wait
8609 Philosophy of Education View/Download View/Download
8610 Human Development Wait Wait
8611 Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices Wait Wait
8612 Professionalism in Teaching View/Download View/Download
8614 Educational Statistics View/Download View/Download
8615 Management Strategies View/Download View/Download
8616 School Administration Wait Wait
8617 Plan Implementation and Educational Management Wait Wait
8618 School Leadership View/Download View/Download
8619 School Leadership View/Download Wait
8620 School Leadership Wait Wait
8621 School Leadership View/Download View/Download
8622 School Leadership View/Download View/Download
8623 School Leadership View/Download View/Download
8624 Secondary Education View/Download View/Download
8625 Higher Education View/Download View/Download
8626 School Leadership View/Download View/Download
8627 Foundation of Science Education View/Download View/Download
8628 Assessment in Science Education Wait Wait
8629 Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods Wait Wait
8634 Foundation of Reading View/Download View/Download
8635 Teaching Reading View/Download View/Download
8638 General Science in School Wait Wait
8667 Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods Wait Wait
8668 Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods Wait Wait
8669 Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods Wait Wait
8670 Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods Wait Wait
9402 Pakistan Studies (ODL) Wait Wait
9407 English – I Wait Wait
9408 English – II Wait Wait

Full Credit (6 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2020
Assignment Last Date
Assignment No 1 15-02-2021
Assignment No 2 15-04-2021

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