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Aiou MA History Solved Assignment Spring 2021 - [DigitalSpot]

Solved Assignment for M.A History

Assalam-o-Aliakum! At this page you can place order of Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad M.A History Program Solved Assignments of Spring 2021. After checking assignment availability in ms word, You can place Solved Assignments order of Spring 2021 from the Available link at down below.
Digital Spot Provides M.A History Program Solved Assignments in MS WORD, Now these are Not Available for free Download. Because university is no more accepting Hand Written assignment, you must upload your assignment in ms word. we just charge a minor fees for ms word assignment.

Therefore, in order to facilitate AIOU students, we provide complete study material for any Codes of AIOU.

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Below is the list of M.A History Subject. Here you can simply place an order.

Last Updated: May 24, 2020
MA History 1st Semester
Code Book Name Status Order
5671 Research Methods Not Available Soon
5672 Ancient Cultures and Civilization of India Not Available Soon
5673 Muslim in India (712-1526) Not Available Soon
5674 Early Islamic History (570-681) Not Available Soon
5675 Constitutional Development and Muslim Response in India(1900-47) Not Available Soon

MA History 2nd Semester
Code Book Name Status Order
5676 Historical Research Method Not Available Soon
5677 Mughal Rule in India (1526-1707) Not Available Soon
5678 Decline of Mughal Rule in India Not Available Soon
5679 Historiography Not Available Soon
5680 Rise of the British and Muslim Rule in India (1707-1858) Not Available Soon

MA History 3rd Semester
Code Book Name Status Order
5682 HISTORY OF PUNJAB Available Buy Now
5683 HISTORY OF PAKISTAN -I(1947-71) Available Buy Now
5684 HISTORY OF SINDH Available Buy Now
5685 BRITISH ADMIN. & CONST. DEV.IN INDIA (1858-1947) Available Buy Now

MA History 4th Semester
Code Book Name Status Order
5687 History of NWFP Not Available Soon
5688 Afghanistan A Synoptic History (1747-2006) Not Available Soon
5689 History of Modern Indian (1947-2006) Not Available Soon
5690 History of Pakistan – II (1971-2008) Not Available Soon
5691 History of Balochistan Not Available Soon
5692 Muslim Political Thought in Indian Not Available Soon

Half Credit (3 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2020
Assignment Last Date
Assignment No 1 Not Announced
Assignment No 2 Not Announced

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